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Elizabeth Rage’s Bio: Cosplay Profiles, Hobbies and More

Within the sphere of Cosplay, you will have undoubtedly heard of the name Elizabeth Rage; through her unique cosplaying and OnlyFans account, this prominent model has left her mark on the industry.

Each year, almost $20 billion is spent on costumes. This has seen the cosplay market’s value propel in the last couple of years, reaching a market cap that is over USD $50 billion and displaying a growth rate of roughly 15% per annum.

This may be quite surprising to some individuals, particularly to the ones that do not regularly involve themselves with the industry. Believe it or not, the cosplay industry has actually amassed considerable attention in the last decade or so.

Most successful cosplayers have one personality trait in common- loving what they do. Regardless of the type of costume, character, or theme that a cosplayer may wish to replicate, having a visceral passion for their work is a must as it ensures that they create costumes of an extremely high-quality standard. 

It should also be noted that the art of cosplaying has become a lot more accessible to the average joe nowadays- with the emergence of e-commerce platforms offering almost identical costumes with the click of a button. 10 years ago, this wasn’t the case, and most starting cosplayers had to make their costumes entirely independently- taking up a significant amount of both time and money.

Prominent social media platforms- such as TikTok and YouTube, have also significantly contributed towards the aforementioned trend of growth- providing ample tutorial videos for those looking to create their own cosplay outfits- albeit usually in quite a complicated format. 

Below we will delineate the specificities of Elizabeth Rage – one of the most popular and respected cosplayers in the industry, who has seen significant growth recently. 

Elizabeth Rage: Cosplay Outfits & Professional Achievements

Elizabeth Rage is best known for her portrayals of Marvels Black Widow, and Venasaur from Pokémon. In the anime world, she recently received significant attention after cosplaying as Camie from My Hero Academia, as well as One Piece’s world-renowned Nico Robin. 

Quite surprisingly, Rage actually organized her first cosplay performance (Wondercom 2015) dressed up as Hades- the king of the underworld and god of death from Ancient Greek mythology- further explored below.

The model’s most notable professional achievements include founding her own Social Media Company (Problematic Waifu) which- as of today, has a worth that goes well into six figures, starting her own Content Records company, and producing the SDCC Fashion Show- a massive success that aired on BBC. 

Following her ‘snowballing’ growth as a cosplayer and social media influencer, Elizabeth Rage additionally launched her OnlyFans account. In the platform, she regularly communicates with her ample fans on a much more personal and intimate level, and offers exclusive content.

Given her roughly 400,000 followers on Instagram, it has indubitably become extraordinarily hard to consistently respond to her followers via her social media platforms. This has meant that OnlyFans has started to serve as a way of bridging the gap in the communications department as well.

‘’It has always been a goal of mine to make sure that I respond to every single message, but it has become extremely difficult as of recently’’- Elizabeth Rage, Model and Social Media Influencer.

Hobbies, Personal Interests & Future Growth

Outside of her success in the realm of cosplaying, Elizabeth loves to listen to and play music- which she has been doing ever since she was a kid. 

By the end of 2022, Elizabeth will additionally have released her first ever EP featuring music from her favorite games and anime, as well as original songs by Rage herself.

She has also recently started practicing martial arts. Aside from the obvious health and safety benefits involved, Elizabeth believes that this step will allow her to further increase the quality of her cosplays- incorporating powerful fighting cinematics whilst dressed up as her followers’ favorite female superheroes.

She is also a passionate proponent of equal opportunities for sex workers in main stream media, as well as feminism, and wants to see women take a more prominent role in the entertainment industry.

Conclusion: Events and Announcements

Elizabeth Rage has enthusiastically announced that she is planning to begin her own cosplay tutorials on her YouTube channel. These will aim to provide simple, non-complicated tutorials that start with the absolute basics. 

‘’I remember starting out and thinking how difficult each cosplay tutorial was; they usually delineated extremely challenging areas of the practice whilst skipping the fundamentals that a novice cosplayer is required to understand’- Elizabeth Rage. 

She will also be attending a plethora of events- including San Diego Comic Con, Anime Matsuri, and AH!Con in Monterrey, Mexico.

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