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Celebrities are known for being stylish. Check out some of the best carry on luggage that celebrities use during travel.

Find and shop for the luggage your favorite celebs adore

Travel is a crucial part of celebrities’ lifestyles, so it’s no surprise they have turned airports into fashion arenas. We economy-travelling folk often seek inspiration and tips from them to make our travel more comfortable and stylish.

Most A-listers don’t travel light and are surrounded by piles of stacked suitcases filled with, we believe, trendy designer outfits and numerous pairs of shoes. And as we envy the contents of the said suitcases, today we are more interested in the luggage itself. Here we discuss the luggage brands our favourite celebrities adore and also reveal where we can buy them. 

Meghan Markle

Her association with the royal family brought Meghan Markle to the limelight. Still, her stylish persona and admirable attitude have made her the heartthrob of millions of fans worldwide. Markle is known for her fashion sense and flaunts costumes and accessories that reflect her high fashion taste. And when it comes to travel bags and luggage, she banks on the best carry on luggage.

Markle frequently shuttles between Toronto and London, and during her trips, she would often rely on a rolling Ghurka leather duffel bag from the brand’s impressive Kilburn collection. What makes these bags unique? These Ghurka pieces are handmade by artisans and feature top-quality leather. Hence, these bags are a favourite of other celebs, too, like Olivia Wilde and Alessandra Ambrosio. 

Michael Phelps

Thanks to his 28 medals in the Olympics, fans consider Michael Phelps as the GOAT of competitive swimming. The US athlete is always in the limelight and is famous for his upscale fashion style. And when it comes to a comfy and easy-to-carry travel bag, Phelps shows the way to all golfers and club-goers. 

The 35-year-old swimmer carries a classy duffel bag from the house of Vessel often. The brand is known for its sophisticated designs, and the Vessel Signature Medium Duffel Bag is the most ideal when going on a trip to a new course. 

Marion Cotillard

Fans adore Marion Cotillard for her beauty as well as for her impressive choice of films. Cotillard has enjoyed a highly successful career as an actress, and she is known to play roles that instantly engage the audience. Her fashion style is unique, like her personality, and she garners eyeballs for her remarkable attire.

One of the interesting choices made by Cotillard is her luggage brand. She often uses luggage of the brand Goyard which is a very mysterious luxury company. The brand doesn’t do advertising or e-commerce. It only sells its products in Goyard boutiques worldwide and even then has found the likes of celebrities and royalty in its list of clients. 

Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss is a world-famous model and loves to post her pictures on social media. A glance through her travel photos will reveal that she prefers suitcases from the brand ‘Away.’ The brand ‘Away’ is trendy among A-listers. The likes of Margot Robbie and Ashley Graham have often used their suitcases. If you too want to flaunt an ‘Away’ suitcase while travelling, then buy it from Karlie Kloss.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen loves to experiment with her clothes while travelling. However, when it comes to a duffel bag, she has stayed loyal to Gucci. Her travel photos indicate that she is mostly carrying a black leather Gucci weekender with her to accommodate all her necessary items. 

Gucci bags are in fashion for several years now and have always been a favorite among celebrities. Some time ago, Teigen had said in an interview that she likes the brand Tumi. However, her recent travel pictures carrying Gucci bags indicate that she too has fallen for Gucci now.

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  • Is this referring to “VESSEL Bags”? What is the “Signature Medium Duffel Bag?”

    December 17, 2020

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