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Want to look your best after a year in lockdown? Here are ten fashionable styles that men will find sleek, comfortable, and easy to maintain.

10 Best Haircuts For Men To Get Right Now

A good haircut is an essential part of a man’s style. But your hairstyle goes far beyond just impacting how you look. The best hairstyles can make you feel good about yourself, increase your self-confidence, and help you become more successful in life. Fortunately, there are so many different types of haircuts for men that all guys can find a cut to suit their style, face, hair type, and desired length. Whether you want a taper, fade or undercut on the sides and back paired with short, medium-length or long hair on top, there is a cool men’s hairstyle for you to try at the barbershop.

To inspire you with ideas, we’ve compiled a guide on the best haircuts for men to get right now. From teen boys to college guys to business professional men, these are the most popular men’s haircuts to try this year!

Best Men’s Haircuts To Ask For At The Barbershop

Fade Haircut

The fade is a classic cut that remains popular for young men. Strictly speaking, a fade refers to how your barber cuts the hair on the sides, gradually getting shorter toward the bottom. Though the terms are often used interchangeably, a fade is typically shorter than a taper. This is the foundation for many great men’s haircuts, including the crew cut, comb over, quiff, pompadour, French crop, buzz cut, side part, and fringe.

According to, the best hairstyles can be paired with a fade cut on the sides and back to create a cool look. Whatever the shape of your head or your style, your barber should be able to give you a taper fade that keeps you looking fresh. A regular haircut for a young man would include a fade with a few inches of hair on top that can be easily styled without requiring too much upkeep.


While a fade gradually changes the length of the hair, an undercut is short on all sides of the head and is not blended into the length on top. It is the edgier cousin of the fade, brought back into style from when it was popularized by military men in the early 20th century. 

Based on this guide from MensHairstylesNow, the undercut is well-suited for pronounced hairstyles like the pompadour, faux hawk, or quiff. Leave a little more length on top to give yourself the freedom to style your hair with matte pomades or clays.


The quiff is a hairstyle in which the sides are kept short and the hair on top is kept long, especially in the front. The quiff is more understated than the pompadour, in which the hair is styled for maximum volume to make a statement. To create a hairstyle that is easier to maintain than the pompadour but can still be made into a dramatic look if needed, the quiff is the best option.

This haircut works well for those with wavy hair who want to be able to accentuate their natural hair texture. You can either go bold with skin fade or keep it toned-down with a taper. 

Slicked Back Hair

This style refers more to how you style a quiff or a pompadour than the cut itself. With a haircut that leaves extra hair on top to play with, this style keeps it all brushed back. Unlike the Elvis-style pompadours of decades past, modern takes on this style tend to be less dramatic.

To achieve this look, start with a fade or undercut that leaves plenty of length on top. Use a traditional high-shine pomade and apply it generously from the roots to the tips of the hair and use your hands or a comb to push your hair back. To maintain some of your hair’s natural texture, use a matte styling cream with less hold so that your curls or waves still come through.

Comb Over

Previously only associated with the vain attempts of men trying to cover up their bald spots, the modern comb over is a staple of men’s haircuts. Examples from show that the hair is cut into a taper or fade and is combed to one side on top. Have your barber find your natural part and use that as a guide to creating a natural yet sharp style.

Faux Hawk

Try a faux hawk with a high skin fade to maximize the effect of the styling on top. For more defined spikes, try a high-hold pomade. For a look that emphasizes the natural texture of the hair more, try looking at GQ for reviews on something with less shine.

Messy Hair

As the name implies, messy hair is an easy to wear style because it is so low maintenance. It works as a style across many different haircuts and hair textures. Any haircut that is short on the sides and long on top can be worn in a messy style for an effortless look. It is especially nice for those with curls or spiky hair, as these will naturally lend themselves well to a messy do. As with any other haircut, it does require some practice to get right. Experiment with tousling your hair with different matte styling products.

Spiked Hair

Avoid the stiff, hair-gel covered spikes of the ‘90s and embrace a more natural spiked look. Instead of gel, try something a little more natural-looking with moderate to high hold to keep your hair into a nice spiked do. Don’t overdo the length, or you may end up looking like you time traveled from 1992 by mistake.

French Crop Top

This haircut takes a tight fade or undercut on the sides and pairs it with 1-2 inches of hair left on top. What makes this haircut unique, though, is the way it is styled. The hair is brushed forward to rest on the forehead, similar to a Caesar cut with a little more length. The more distinct the line between the sides and the top, the more striking this haircut will be.

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