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We all know how tough the life of a student is. That’s why we’ve made this step by step guide to help you write a film essay.

Step By Step Guide On Writing An Essay On The Film

We all know how tough the life of a student is. You need to be able to keep up with dozens of assignments and tests, on top of a hectic class schedule and your social life. It is not an easy task at all. It becomes especially challenging when you’re faced with an assignment that’s completely new to you, where you might find yourself thinking “if only someone could write essay for me”. One such assignment is a film essay. 

Whether you’re in school or college, you’ll have to do a movie analysis essay at some point in time. It may not even be for a film course! This kind of essay can pop up in a sociology class, history class, and even an economics class. So what do you do when you have to do an analysis of a movie essay? 

You’ll need some help, of course, and a look at a review might give you a good place to start. Otherwise, we’ve made this step by step guide to help you write a film essay

1. Watch The Film

This may seem like a painstakingly obvious point, but you’ll be surprised at how many students actually skip on this step. If you’re thinking that reading the film’s summary online will be enough to help you secure a good grade – you’re wrong. 

A look at any film analysis essay example will show you that these essays need to be quite in-depth. To reach that kind of depth, you must watch the film. Otherwise, you’ll have trouble coming up with specific examples to back up your points.

2. Plan It Out

Once you’ve watched the film, go over your essay prompt. What is the prompt asking you to do? What themes do you have to explore? It’s important to realize that a movie analysis essay is not just a summary of the film. Instead, you have to analyze different parts of the movie and explore different themes in the movie. 

Students that don’t plan out their essay often struggle to address the prompt correctly. Without a structured plan, you may end up just summarizing the film when you sit down to write your essay. 

Hence, you should jot down your analysis when you’re planning out the essay. Here are some elements you can look at: 

  • Key Plot Moments: what are the main plot moments in the film, and how do they highlight the theme you’re trying to analyze? 
  • Editing Style: is the way the movie’s edited, bringing the audience’s attention towards or away from something specific? 
  • Stylistic Elements: what other style elements are included in the movie, such as freeze frames? How do these elements bring attention to the movie’s themes? 
  • Scenario Execution: is there anything in the scenes that particularly stands out? Was that done by the director on purpose? 
  • Musical Elements: what kind of music is used at critical moments in the movie? What kind of emotion does it evoke in the audience? 

3. Write your Introduction

Now that you’ve planned out your essay, it’s time to start writing! This part can be a bit daunting. So, if you’re worried, look for some help online. You can find an example of this kind of essay through a simple search. There are a lot of college essays on the web that you can use as inspiration! When you start writing, structuring your essay is important. Hence, you should start with the introduction. This part should include the basic information about the movie, such as when it was released, the director’s name, and the cast. 

To really make your analysis of a movie essay stand out, you should include some background information in your introduction. Talk about the context in which the movie was made and what it was trying to address.

4. Then Summarize

Right after the introduction, you should write a short summary of the film you watched. This summary should just include the basic premise in the movie; is the most relevant when you do an informative essay take care there’s no need to dive into too much detail.

A great trick to use when trying to write a good summary is assuming that the audience has never heard of the film before. This way, you won’t leave out any important plot points. At the same time assume, you only have a few minutes to explain the movie, so you don’t go into too much detail.

5. Analysis

Now that you’ve done the summary, you can move on to the main bulk of your essay: the analysis. Here’s where your plan comes in handy. Using everything you jotted down, analyze the film in detail. Point out the themes that are brought to light in the film and use specific examples. 

The ability to analyze well is essential if you want to do well in your education, whether it’s in college or school. A good way to go about this section is by devoting one paragraph to each element you want to analyze. Remember to include an example for every point you make!

6. Conclusion

Congratulations! You’re now ending your essay. The conclusion is the easiest part of the essay, but many people rush through it because they just want to finish up. Don’t make this mistake. A conclusion is important when it comes to summing your arguments. Make sure you highlight the analysis you did in a concise manner. 

Don’t end your essay in a rush. Instead, utilize the conclusion to make a lasting impression on your professor.

Summing Up

A movie analysis essay can be tricky to handle, but it’s not impossible! With this through step by step guide, you should be able to write one with no problem. If you’re still unsure, you can check out a film analysis essay example for help. There are several available online, and they’ll give you an idea of how to write your own paper from scratch!


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