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Terence Rotolo is a renowned actor with an exceptional body of work. What's next for the accomplished actor? There might be a lightsaber in his future!

Veteran Actor Terence Rotolo talks ‘The Guilty’ and upcoming studio projects.

Terence Rotolo is an actor who is getting a lot of attention at the moment. Terence Rotolo, a veteran actor, has recently gotten some very important filmmakers’ attention lately.

Rotolo, born in Puerto Rico and raised in New Orleans, recently wrapped the highly anticipated mini-series about the making of The Godfather, The Offer with Director Dexter Fletcher (Rocketman; Bohemian Rhapsody), and just worked opposite Oscar-nominated Jake Gyllenhaal in the movie The Guilty, directed by Antione Fuqua which just premiered on Netflix Sept 24, 2021.

Also, recently released is the action thriller film Disturbing the Peace where Rotolo works opposite Emmy award-winner Guy Pearce. Rotolo started acting at a very young age in Louisiana and went on to study theater at Louisiana State University.

Terence Rotolo

At LSU, he performed with the Royal Shakespeare Company in a collaborative production of Macbeth. At this time, Terence discovered his love of swordsmanship through the classical theatre productions that he was often cast in.

Today, Terence is an expert on sword fighting and one of the top swords-people in the film industry. Terence made the trek to Los Angeles after his time at LSU.

Shortly after arriving, he began his work on the acclaimed show Power Rangers where he combined his love of acting & action while appearing in over 180 episodes. Not long after, he started to work in highly acclaimed network shows like Criminal Minds, The Shield, and Leverage.

Terence Rotolo

He is also well known to gaming fans as the iconic hero Frank West for the Capcom game franchise Dead Rising, as well as numerous other popular game franchises.

Rotolo is also a highly skilled and experienced stunt performer having appeared in and trained the casts of such films as The Scorpion King & The Run Down with Dwayne Johnson, and Master and Commander: The Farside of the World with Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany.

Today, Rotolo is making quite a stride in Hollywood. Saying of his time as an actor, “I’ve been fortunate to have mentors who understood the power of storytelling and to be in service of a vision.” And many are taking notice. “Working with Antoine (Fuqua) and Jake (Gyllenhaal), two words stand out in my mind: Focus and say nothing of Gracious.”

Terence Rotolo

Coming up look to see Terence in Brother’s Keeper with Michael Ealy and Omar Epps, and White Elephant with Olga Kurylenko, Michael Rooker, and Jon Malkovich.

Other projects include the indie thriller, Aimee, about the victims of sex trafficking, and the art-house film Welcome to the Men’s Group about group therapy going off the rails. Terence next hopes to bring his talents and action skills to the service of the Star Wars universe, ” My 7 year-old-self would be immensely proud.”

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