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No man holds a candle to U.S. bestseller Iliyan Kuzmanov! From his boldness to his dashing good looks, learn more about this self-made man of mystery.

Iliyan Kuzmanov – Sexy Mysterious Beast

In the world of literature, the most successful have always been the ‘gods of the words’, the people who can create magic with mere letters on a page.

For some, this magic comes with a mysterious veil, throwing up more questions than answers, sparking our curiosity at every turn. There are often infamous extensive investigations into such characters as the public demands to know more.

While most authors like to remain reclusive and out of the public eye, Iliyan Kuzmanov, (the first-ever Bulgarian author to write a US bestseller, with his book If You Meet Buddha, Kill Him) is different – the subject of countless stories, numerous headlines, and an incredible number of thrills along the way.

Iliyan is far more than simple words on a page, he is one of the most mysterious and intriguing men on the planet. In fact, one of the oldest and most prestigious media outlets in American, New York Today, recently asked the question: ‘Why do women love Iliyan Kuzmanov so much?’

So, today, we want to try and answer this question We have contacted journalists around the globe, but the further you dive down the rabbit hole, the more you ask yourself: ‘Who is this man?’

We finally decided to ask the sexiest- mysterious man himself for an exclusive reveal-all interview.


Iliyan, you told the media in the UK that you learned everything about business on the streets of London, but actually that is not completely true. We know that in Montreal you worked during the mayoral elections. Did you hear anything about the New York Six Family or the Bonnano Family? 

I was a personal assistant to one of the candidates who was the chief educational inspector in Montreal. This was an amazing experience, knowing how the political processes in North America work. I knew her family and they were amazing people.


On your London client list, there are some of the most influential people in the country, if not the world, as well as some of the very richest. Is that true?

I cannot speak about my clients under any circumstances! My success is based on my professionalism and hard work. For me, the most important thing is my name. My word is weight much more than a bag with gold. 

Speaking about honour and secrecy, you were in Venice, in the oldest private clubs in Europe. Were you learning how to serve better from people who were responsible for the personnel of Rothschild and the Royal Families, they were your teachers in Italy?

I had the chance to have amazing teachers in many places. I hope one day they to be proud of me!


Iliyan, be honest, tell us about the story of the Russian girl, with whom you crossed the world, visited some of the best doctors, and even made her documents for travel to the UK. Was she linked with the Russian Mafia?

As you said, we visited some of the best doctors around the world, I have no clue more. I tried to answer this question myself, but have no answer. She was the reason I visited the Dalai Lama because I desperately wanted to help her. 

Some people are telling us that the penalty for your rabble spirit was to lose one of your businesses in London?

I cannot say anything bad about London or Barking, this is a place that gave me a lot. But there are people from over the world, and yes, a lot from the Ex-Soviet space, who bring their habits and way of living, as well as vendettas.


Visiting the Dalai Lama, is there something more that you can tell us about this mysterious place? Did you learn something up there in the Himalayas… wise lamas, temples? One of the best-selling authors in New York, who is also a Buddhist, recently said your book is just the thing he was looking for. How is it possible for an outside man to get so much wisdom? 

I was not looking for enlightenment or wisdom. It was just a very torn way… I hope to use it to make other people’s lives a lot easier.


Was it true that your relatives lost everything, taken by the communist regime? And even more, do you have relatives in a very noble and influential Ottoman family with deep historical roots? There was a legend that your family 200 years ago buried a lot of gold and treasure in Bulgaria?

Yes, there is some truth to this, but most are stories for kids and old romantic people. My family was very rich, doing trade hundreds of years ago, producing one of the best wines in the region.

Yes, there is a family legend that before the independence they buried a large gold dragon statue. But the important thing is that they built schools, churches, libraries with their fortune, and it was buried and then left to the next generation.

This is not only about my family, but about everybody. And yes, all was lost the second time when the communists came to power.

Iliyan Kuzmanov

In Bulgaria, your story continued. You even created a ground-breaking foundation to fight corruption, human trafficking, and to generally help people. Was that your response to the story before? 

I saw a lot of people who needed help during my long road, and I am trying to not only serve rich people, but those who have no voice and are the invisible in our society. 

One final question. You are a member of Mensa International, meaning you are a person with an extremely high IQ, far above the average of even super-intelligent people. Have you heard about the internal Mensa, which is said to be the top 1%? The rumours claim it can be found in Bern, Switzerland and the people there are smarter than any AI or Supercomputer, some call them Illuminati?

These are probably rumours.

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