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Angie Ruiz’s newest project, 'Forever Faithful', was created to help raise canine cancer awareness and support canine cancer research initiatives.

Indie Film of the Day: Angie Ruiz’s ‘Forever Faithful’

Angie Ruiz is a documentary filmmaker and actress based in Los Angeles. Her first documentary, Black Beauty Breed, profiled the Rottweiler, highlighting their intelligence and history as a working dog.

Ruiz fell in love with the breed after rescuing a Rottweiler in 2007 and created the film to give Rottweilers a more far & balanced portrayal in the media. The film screened in multiple cities worldwide and garnered domestic and international distribution.

Black Beauty Breed has played an active role in redefining the Rottweiler’s image in the media; accurate terms such as “working dog” and “intelligent” are now more commonly used when describing them. During the filming of Black Beauty Breed, Ruiz learned the Rottweiler and other large-breed dogs are prone to bone cancer and was deeply affected when her own dog was diagnosed with osteosarcoma.

Ruiz’s newest project, Forever Faithful, was created to help raise canine cancer awareness and support canine cancer research initiatives.

Forever Faithful is a documentary exploring the extraordinary connection between humans and their dogs. When a little girl’s best friend, her dog, is diagnosed with bone cancer, we follow her journey as she tries to understand both the causes of canine cancer and the advanced treatments available to her dog. We meet several dogs along the wasy, each telling a unique story of resilience, survival, and service to their communities.

Forever Faithful is a true must-see for all animal lovers and anyone considering opening his or her life and heart to a dog companion. Here’s what the press have to say about it:

“Dog lovers won’t want to miss this film.”
—5280 Denver’s Mile High Magazine

Forever Faithful brings attention to advances in the field of canine cancer.”
Reporter Herald

And the early audience reactions:

“This film made me feel like I was not alone in grieving for my dog, who brought so much joy to my life.”

“I learned about immunotherapy by watching this film. My dog is living cancer free because of it!”

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