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If you want to start kicking your selfie game into the next level you'll want to consider these features for the next phone you buy.

Selfie lover? Here are the features to look for in your next phone

If you are an ardent selfie enthusiast, you would not mind spending a few hundred dollars more on a great phone that enables you to get the best shots. However, a good selfie camera is not the only thing that would make the device the right choice. There are several other features and innovations that you need to prioritize if you want a phone that would give you great pics, one after the other.

Considering the amazing range of options out there, it is worthwhile to brush up your knowledge about these features so that you can take your pick wisely, whether you are an Android fan or an iPhone loyalist. Here are the selfie-friendly features to look for in your next phone.


Focus is something that you need the most when it comes to taking excellent shots with any device. In fact, the good focus can get you cool pics even with mediocre phones. Auto-Focus or AF is a game-changing feature that enables you to take amazing pictures even if you are not great with photography. As the name suggests, an AF device is capable of changing the focus automatically on whatever you try to shoot. Ensure that the phone has this feature for both fronts as well as rear cameras to get the best results for both kinds of pictures. 

Portrait mode 

The portrait mode is another must-have feature that every selfie lover should look for in the cell phone they buy. The portrait trend made it big with the implementation of multiple sensors on the rear. With portrait technology, one sensor gathers the depth details and enhances the blur in the background. Google Pixel devices were the first to leverage AI technology to bring the best-in-class portrait effect even with a single camera sensor. Gradually, many other brands followed suit and you have plenty of choices now if you want a device that supports the software.

Group selfie

Also known as a groupie, a group selfie is something that everyone needs to click once a while. But fitting a large number of people in one frame and making them all look good is more challenging than you may imagine. Although you can check out a great how-to selfie guide for learning how to snap the perfect selfie pic, both single and for a group, a lot depends on having the device with the right technology features. The devices with a dual-lens camera have you covered. A wide-angle camera is another feature that will suffice your needs if you often need to take group photos with your gang. 

Beautifying software 

The next and very obvious feature you would want in your phone is not related to hardware- it is actually beautifying software that will conceal all your flaws and make you look picture perfect. Thankfully, almost every make and model comes with incredible features such as filters and beautification with blemish removal, oil removal and skin tone changer and more. So you can end up looking a shade fairer, eliminating the fine lines or getting rid of the ugly-looking spots without much work. 

Optical image stabilization (OIS) 

While hiding your imperfections can be a challenge with selfies, taking perfect pictures also becomes difficult because you cannot simply avoid movements while clicking pictures. Optical Image Stabilization is a feature that helps to stabilize the device sensor even while you want to click pictures on the move. It also resolves the problem related to the natural trembling of hands while clicking a picture or a video. You can get a crisp photo or video with this cool feature, without worrying about movements. Make sure that the front camera has OIS before you pick the phone.

Multiple cameras 

Surely, more is better for some things and this applies to a selfie-friendly cell phone as well. Looking for a device with multiple cameras is a good idea because they definitely give you better pictures with a greater clarity and sharper quality. However, the feature often comes at the cost of the screen space, so you can weigh the pros and cons of the phone before taking your pick. At the same time, you can rely on innovative software when it comes to getting the most amazing clicks even with a single front camera.

Apart from these innovative features, be sure to check the basics such as LED flash, HDR, and gestures because good pictures require a device to be a complete package. And of course, your photography skills matter a lot. Knowing these features would definitely put you in a better spot when it comes to choosing the best cell phone for clicking selfies.

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