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The Prima Projector is the most portable projector ever. Check out more about this excellent projector you can fit in your pocket.

Prima Projector: The First-Ever Pocket Cinema

Tired of watching Netflix on your computer, or worse, your tiny phone screen? You might not have the cash or the space for a massive TV. But thanks to a new innovation in projection tech by Prima, you can now stream all your favorite shows, movies, and games at up to 200-inches in 1080p—all from your pocket. 

The new Prima Projector is part phone, part computer, and full entertainment system. It’s got a massive HD projection, built-in speakers, and a powerful battery for on-the-go entertainment. And it’s so easy to use that you can literally whip it out to project a GIF or scroll on Reddit with zero setup or hassle. 

Prima connects to WiFi and Bluetooth, so you can download your favorite apps like Netflix and YouTube directly to the projector or just cast them from your phone.

No matter where you go, you can slide Prima out of your pocket and project Netflix, Hulu, and more onto any surface in full HD. Or, you can plug it in and enjoy a massive projection on any wall of your home.

Prima is the latest in portable projection and streaming. Once you see it in action, you’ll wonder why you ever binged shows and played games on tiny screens. 

Now, you can get Prima for 50% during a special pre-sale event. For a short time, early birds can nab a half-priced Prima and get FREE global shipping plus an accessory bundle worth over $100. Don’t wait for the price to shoot up once it hits the shelves.

Below, we’ll walk you through some of the perks of owning a Prima Projector.

1080p, 3D, 4K Projection Engine

Prima is equipped with a brand new projection engine from Texas Instruments (yeah, the calculator company is also a leader in projection tech!). The DLP engine is capable of delivering bigger and much brighter images in a tiny package. 

Prima can project a massive 18-foot screen from your pocket, while the closest competition can only do about 10 feet. Prima is up to 5x brighter than other projectors too, which makes a big difference when streaming on the go. Even in daylight conditions, you can enjoy clear, HD projection. Go ahead and use Prima on your break, on the train, or on a camping trip. You won’t need a screen and a dark room to enjoy your movies and shows.

Prima projects in 1080p HD up to 200 inches with no quality loss. It also supports 3D and 4K decoding. Have you ever imagined what it would be like to watch a 3D movie projected onto an entire wall? It’s like you’re living the action!

The Most Portable Projector Ever

Have you ever used a portable projector that’s actually portable? We haven’t. Even small projectors need a carrying case, speakers, wires, adapters, and more. Plus, they’re so fragile that you can’t keep them on you (without having a panic attack).

Prima is different. It’s the first portable projector that fits in your pocket comfortably. And, it’s controls are so easy that you can project any time with point-and-click ease. 

Prima looks just like a smartphone. In fact, it’s the same size and weight as an iPhone 8. Once you pick it up, putting it in your pocket will be second nature. It also has a touchscreen surface just like a smartphone, so you’ll already know how to use it right out of the box. 

Want to watch a movie, chat with a friend, or scroll on Instagram? You can project it with a swipe at up to 200 inches. Why use your tiny phone screen when it’s just as easy to use Prima?

Prima is extra durable to protect from shock and breaks no matter where you take it. It has a sliding lens door to protect its sensitive parts, and it comes with a carrying pouch to guard the screen. As long as you’re not going SCUBA diving, you can keep Prima in your pocket all the time.  

All Your Apps on Prima

Prima is more like a computer than a projector. It has an onboard quad-core CPU and an 8 GB hard drive, and it runs on Android 7.1. It’s powerful enough to hold and run any apps from the Google Play store, including Netflix, YouTube, Steam, Hulu, and the rest of your favorite streaming apps. 

That means you don’t need anything but Prima to binge-watch, game, work, or surf the web. Prima connects to WiFi, so you can stream anywhere with a connection. Just pull out Prima, give it a swipe, and start watching. 

If you don’t have internet, it’s not a big deal. You can upload your movies and shows to Prima to watch anytime, or you can download from Netflix for offline viewing. 

Prima is good for a lot more than just watching movies, too. You can add Office to Prima to show off your work to the boss in HD at the next meeting. Or, add some editing software and see your videos, photos, or art on a much bigger and more detailed screen. With 3M+ apps on the Google Play store, you can do just about anything on Prima.

Cast and Mirror

As we said, you can use Prima without any other device present. But, you can also project content from your phone, computer, or tablet in cinematic glory. Simply connect to Bluetooth, WiFi, or Airplay, and Prima will mirror or cast from your device. 

Whatever is on your phone or computer can be on Prima in an instant. 

This makes it easy to play PC games, watch live sports, and collaborate with colleagues on Prima. Also, if you can’t fit all your streaming apps on Prima’s hard drive, you can cast from your computer to have instant access to your movies.

Prima includes software that makes mirroring from Android and Apple devices instant and easy. As soon as you connect, Prima will adjust to your device’s settings to show a perfect image. No more distorted screens and weird colors. 

Longer Battery Life

The biggest problem with portable projectors is their dismal battery life. Until Prima, you couldn’t even watch a full-length movie on a portable projector without it dying in the middle. 

Prima’s battery won’t let you binge all day, but you can expect 3 hours of video playback per charge. That’s about 50% longer than other portable projectors. An extra hour might not seem like much, but with Prima, you can make it to the end credits of almost any movie. It also means an extra episode of Stranger Things or 3 more episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine before you need to find your power bank.

If you’re using Prima at home, you can leave it plugged in for unlimited playback. It even comes with a remote control to complete the home entertainment system experience. 

Better Speakers

Portable projector speakers have always been pretty bad. But it’s not their fault. Projector speakers can’t get too loud without risking vibrational damage to the lens. But, if you need external speakers to use a projector, can you really call it portable?

Prima fixed the issue of useless projector speakers by isolating the projection engine and protecting it from shock. That way, it can deliver much louder volumes without the risk of damage. 

Prima’s built-in HiFi speakers are possibly the best projector speakers we’ve ever heard. They’re loud enough to fill a living room and clear enough to do action movies justice (most explosions and fight scenes sound like a staticky mess on other projectors). 

Prima’s speakers are so good that you can even use the projector as a Bluetooth speaker for your music. This mode disables the projector engine to save battery. In audio-only mode, you’ll get up to 30 hours of playback per charge. That’s better than most wireless Bluetooth speakers!

Connect to Anything

Prima is universally compatible with any device and operating system. Besides mirroring and casting wirelessly, Prima also comes stocked with plenty of ports, so you can connect to cameras, computers, gaming consoles, Raspberry Pi, and a lot more. 

Prima’s ports include:

  • HDMI
  • 2x USB
  • Headphone jack
  • DC
  • Micro SD
  • TF

It’s pretty incredible how many ports Prima has, considering its tiny size. More ports don’t just make Prima more versatile. They also make it easier to connect to anything without adapters and dongles. No matter where you go and what kind of device you encounter, Prima can connect and make your viewing experience bigger, brighter, and better. 

Ditch the Small Screens and Get Prima Now

Movies and shows were not meant to be watched on a 4-inch phone screen. It’s time to stop limiting your entertainment and start enjoying your movies, games, and apps in 200-inch HD grandeur. With Prima, anywhere can become your personal cinema. 

Now, you can get Prima for a special price. During a special pre-sale period, a limited number of Prima projectors are on sale for 50% off. Early birds will also get FREE global shipping and over $100 of free accessories, including a tripod, remote, and carrying pouch. That’s over $500 in savings, but only if you manage to get Prima on time. When it hits the shelves this year, it’ll cost over $1000 for all of that merch. 

See what Prima can do and grab yours before it’s too late at 

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