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Today we’re shining a spotlight on 'The Fiddling Horse' from Margrette Bird Pictures to celebrate release of the new trailer.

Tiffany Rhodes’s work is known for its alternative look at humanity. 'The Blackbird Interviews', takes place in 1982 at a psychiatric hospital.

On Monday, April 29, 2019 MarkIT Indie will take over the Montalbán in LA for insightful panels and valuable one-on-one opportunities for indie filmmakers.

'Black Star' follows Jon Butcher’s first-person narration in his tribute to the greatest artists the world has lost to addiction.

Angie Ruiz’s newest project, 'Forever Faithful', was created to help raise canine cancer awareness and support canine cancer research initiatives.

The American Black Film Festival begins June 12th in Miami Beach, Florida, the nation's largest gathering of black film & TV enthusiasts.