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Are you contemplating redecorating your home’s interior? Here are the best all-time movies that contain scenes that are worth considering imitating.

Interior design: Top 5 movies for interior decorating inspiration

Are you contemplating redecorating your home’s interior? And, are you a movie aficionado? Have you watched every single movie that has ever been made? If so, you will have noticed that the set design for specific movies are amazing and are worth considering as inspiration for your own interior decorating efforts. 

And, once you have decided on what design style you wish to implement, you can purchase your new soft furnishings, accessories, and fittings from the home store

Before we consider a list of some of the best all-time movies that contain scenes that are worth considering imitating, let’s ponder a formal definition of what interior design is. 

Interior design: A succinct definition

Interior design is a “multi-faceted profession in which creative, [functional] and technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a built interior environment.”

The purpose of an interior designer aims to “enhance the quality of life and culture of the occupants,” and to ensure that their living environment is aesthetically pleasing. To become fully-equipped with the latest tools and knowledge, one could work their way to earn an Interior Design Diploma through various online academies.

Interior designers also work within the parameters of the building codes and regulatory requirements.

Top movies to watch for design inspiration 

Here is a list of some of the top movies to gain interior decorating inspiration from:

The Great Gatsby

The 2013 version of this movie is based on the 1925 novel written by F Scott Fitzgerald. And, it was directed by the uniquely imaginative Baz Luhrmann who is known for his sumptuous, lavish productions. The Great Gatsby is a period piece and the set design reflects the interior design trends of the day.

Therefore, this is a good movie to watch if you are interested in using elements of the 1920’s design. 

As an aside, it is interesting to note that “divergent design philosophies developed in the 1920s.” There were the Art Deco designers who “played with sensuous contours, exotic materials, and bold colors for an elite clientele.” And there were the Bauhaus designers who embraced minimalism with clean lines, industrial materials, and used only black and white in their color scheme.

Midnight in Paris 

This movie embraces 1920s vintage Paris interior design principles, and modern Parisian design as the principal character is torn by the past and the present. Therefore, 50% of the scenes were shot in a 1920s Parisian-themed set, and the other 50% of the scenes were filmed in a modern Parisian styled-themed set. 

It is perhaps worth noting that the modern Parisian interior design theme is full of historical elements. It combines the past and the present. 


This movie’s set design is based on the avant-garde style. Therefore, if you are a lover of the avant-garde design principles, this film is an ideal form of inspiration. 

Under the Tuscan Sun 

This iconic movie set provides a good example of a classic Italian villa. Therefore, if you are passionate about Italian villa design, this is the movie to watch to imitate the film set’s interior design.

A Single Man

This film makes use of the 1960s interior design elements, including layered textures, colors, and patterns. Thus, this is a good movie to watch to learn more about the practical application of 1960s interior design principles.

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