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Mattress advertising can be a tricky enterprise. Here are some effective ideas on how to best market mattresses.

Learn some effective ideas related to mattress advertising

Mattresses are a very essential part of your home. When you invest in a good quality mattress, you do not need to replace it on a frequent basis. This low rate of turnover requires mattress retail stores to come up with impressive strategies to constantly acquire new customers. 

Successful mattress marketing helps in building an emotional connection with your consumers. Creative advertising campaigns and careful market research makes this entire process all the more effective.

Learn about your target demographic

Before launching a new marketing campaign for the best mattress to buy, you must spend some time on performing an extensive market research in your field. Are you aiming your ads to homeowners, newlyweds, new or mid-age adults? You need to determine the chunk of people that you will be targeting. 

Will you sell your mattresses to families without children or those with toddlers, or single adults? Learning about your demographics will make you prepared to market your product to local consumers. 

Hosting a health fair

This is a fresh idea to promote a good night’s sleep. Hosting a health fair and promoting a good night’s sleep has a beneficial impact on the human body. Individuals who fail to get adequate sleep at night may have trouble executing tasks at work, accomplishing daily activities and taking care of their families. 

Give customers an opportunity to assess your product

Customers are the backbone of every business. A business is sure to make remarkable progress if its customers are satisfied with the services and products it provides. You should set a storewide policy that tells sales clerks to give sufficient privacy to customers when they try out mattresses.

Use of visual aids

People are more influenced by images than words. You can use images of people trying mattresses at the store. It will encourage them to try it out by shopping at your mattress store.

Come up with some discount offers

One of the things that differentiate an online mattress store from a local one is the heavy discounts that it provides to its customers. Your customers would be expecting to avail discounts on your mattresses. 

Your ideal customers may want a bedding at a discounted rate or may choose quality with price as a secondary factor in forming their purchasing decision. Once you are aware of what your potential customers wish, you can convince them to avail the financing solution to get their dream mattress and make their sleep simply amazing. 

Online Information

Web can be a very helpful tool to reach out to a wide range of audience from different parts of the world. Some of the mattress owners do not want online mode to directly sell their website. You can take help of a website to describe the differences among the latex foam, innerspring, and memory foam mattresses that you sell. 

Community Papers

Besides online sites, there are several other channels where you can advertise your mattress. Some of the marketing channels can be an expensive one. If you have a limited budget, then you can go advertising about your mattress in community newspapers.

Use the best time for marketing

When you are planning to take your marketing strategy live, you must ensure that maximum people read it. The best time will be the three-day sale weekends that include Labor Day and Memorial Day. They are the major shopping days for you to sell mattresses. 

What should your company include in its marketing messages?

To get a good mattress, you need to pay its price. In your advertising pamphlets/brochures, you must let buyers learn that you can assist them in getting financing. This will make them feel better about choosing the mattress that they really need and not the one that is less costly as compared to the others. 

Describe the wide selection of mattresses that you carry in your store. This would include various brand names, sizes, styles as prospective customers should know that they get several choices. 


Useful tip to increase your mattress sales

  • Your store does not need to be a victim of decreasing bedding sales. You should think as well as act as a mattress destination. Mattress stores to improve their share of the bedding market, need to become a mattress destination rather than a furniture store.
  • You must train your team to acquaint each and every customer about the bedding that you have put on a sale. 
  • Train your team about the advantages of good sleep and the type of impact that a new sleep system can have on the life of the shopper
  • Show your customers all mattresses and not just a specific one
  • Inform them about all the available financing options

Get out of it what you put in

Floor space, advertising and signage are investments. You must get more than what you have invested on your mattress. The total price of the mattress that you must charge would more than its manufacture, promotional and conveyance cost. Set a realistic gain that you want to expect from your sale. 

Keep updating your technology

Mattress technology keeps on changing on a regular basis. You need to ask your bedding vendor about which technologies and models are making progress in the market. Make sure to revamp your selling space and fill it with the latest and evergreen technology and models. 

Ensure cleanliness

Remove all outdated mattresses so as to free your selling space. Before putting your mattress on sale, you must ensure that the beds and pillows that you would be using for test purposes are clean and hygienic. 

Be aware of your surroundings

You must invest your time, resources and energy in learning about your neighbors. Know about their offers, practices, standards, and exceptions. Measure results as well as set realistic goals against your set standards. Train your team to demonstrate and sell every day. 


In this competitive market, you need to learn the different marketing strategies. All the above-mentioned tips are some best ideas to publicize your mattress effectively on the market.

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