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Planning to get your Markham windows and doors replacement? You need to find out more about building regulations in Markham.

Everything to know about Markham windows and doors

The government has set regulations to be followed when replacing your windows and doors Markham. Your new doors and windows should align with the thermal performance standards. If you are replacing your doors and windows to add value to your house when selling, your purchaser will ask you to prove that the replacements comply with the building regulations set after 2002. 

To show proof, you can provide a certificate that shows that a qualified and registered installer did your Markham windows and doors replacement. Alternatively, after a successful installation, the local authority issues a certificate showing that the structure meets building regulations. You can show your purchaser this certificate.

  • How to Get Approval After Windows Replacement Markham

Whether your building is domestic or commercial, it must adhere to the building regulations. This affects any kind of replacement. It could be windows, doors, roof windows, or even roof lights. To get approval for the replacement, you need to apply for the building regulation approval. 

Your installer should fill in the application form before starting the work. This service is not free, and your installer should submit the documents 48 hours before beginning the work. However, you can also ask your installer if they are a member of the self-certification scheme. 

  • What Type of Windows Should You Install?

Some people think you have to install PVCu windows during windows replacement Markham to get approved, which is not the case. If your Markham windows and doors are made of wood or metal, they can still get approved provided they are draught proofed and can give good thermal insulation. 

  • What Type of Glazing is Recommended?

Your new windows should have double glazing. This is only an exception to the old buildings. For these buildings, you are required to replace the windows to resemble the existing ones for your house to be approved. 

  • Should the Double-Glazing be Special?

For your windows to comply with the planning regulation, they must have a low emissivity glass. The air gap should follow some rules too. If it is less than 16mm, you might not get the certificate. This means that not any type of double glazing is acceptable, so be careful when purchasing your Markham windows and doors.

  • What If I don’t Want to Use a Low E Glass?

 You don’t have to use a low E glass. If you want to use triple glazing, it is okay because it is acceptable by the building regulations. This glazing is better for energy efficiency and soundproofing compared to double glazing. 

  • Must I Use Safety Glass?

Yes, your window should have a safety glass. This is usually a toughened or laminated glass. If your windows are within 800mm off the floor, they must also have a safety glass. This ensures a reduced risk of them breaking and causing accidents if a person falls. The homeowner should also include more protective measures to protect anyone who falls from the window.

  • Can You Tell That it is Safety Glass?

Yes. The glass should have a symbol showing that it is a safety glass. This symbol is from the manufacturer. 

  • Is There a Specific Type of Glass I Should Install in Conservatories?

If your conservatory has a wall and a door separating it from the rest of the house, they don’t have to have a low E glass. However, ensure that the heating in the conservatory is different from the one in the other rooms in the house. 

  • Should the Room Have Opening Windows?

Every room needs ventilation, so your room should have opening windows fitted in the existing opening. If you have boilers or gas fires in the room, you must also install ventilation. Ensure the room has air bricks installed. If you don’t have this, you will be required to install fixed vents in the windows. Ensure you have trickle ventilation so that you don’t get condensation.

  1. What Other Things Should You Consider?

Ask the building control officer about fire safety of your Markham windows and doors. You should have a suitable means of escape in case a fire breaks out. This is important, especially in upstairs rooms and those that do not have access to external doors. Also, ensure you have an acceptable means of cleaning the windows. 

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