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Looking to make it big? The winners of global music awards are looking for collaborators in the music, film, and TV industry.

Winners of Global Music Awards looking for partners & collaborators for the Little Blue Dragon Lullaby

The Little Blue Dragon team is currently looking for potential partners & collaborators from the music, film, and TV industries.

The “Little Blue Dragon Lullaby” is a newly released children’s lullaby that has gained widespread recognition, including more than 2 million views on YouTube and a Silver Medal from Global Music Awards in two categories: Singer/Songwriter and Children’s Music.

This lullaby was written by Yelena Yelizarova, mother of four and Terry Josiah, a veteran-turned-artist. It was delivered through the soulful voice of children’s book writer, Kosi Jah. This lullaby was born to captivate the hearts of babies and parents alike.

The “Little Blue Dragon Lullaby” was written to introduce the adventure story of a little dragon before the launch of the application Little Blue Dragon – AR book, which is currently available in beta-testing mode on the App Store. It is produced by Pavel Yelizarov, who is the Founder and CEO of YELTS Capital LLC, an AR vision company.

The Little Blue Dragon – AR book is based on the story of the adventures of a little dragon . It offers an opportunity to experience augmented reality-enhanced reading in a completely new way, specifically when images come to life through AR. 

It is designed to unite gadgets with reading, and to bridge older and newer generations. Along the way, our little viewers have the chance to accompany the little dragon on his quest through a magical prism of augmented reality. The app contains many novel AR features, such as AR games, AR coloring book pages, AR portals, and AR characters.

The main goal of the application is to make children fall in love with this unique and exciting story and its characters and thus achieve its popularization throughout the world.

The app is also designed to commemorate animals that went extinct on planet Earth. Each new character is a stylized animal that has either gone extinct or is on the verge of going extinct today. We bring the topic of saving these animals to the attention of our little readers, contributing to the spread of awareness of animal conservation issues.

Released on September 18th, 2019, the “Little Blue Dragon Lullaby” is making huge waves among the YouTube parenting community. This new take on a classical genre is a breath of fresh air for a market that is already saturated with classical lullaby interpretations.

Berklee College of Music graduate and a renowned pianist Dmytro Gordon was behind the tune of two separate versions that have been released: the original 3-minute lullaby as well as the 10 minute instrumental version. Both videos contain graphics from the Little Blue Dragon app.

A live book and a new version of the app are set to launch by the end of 2020 – this will be one of the best Christmas presents for your child! The app is sure to re-ignite your children’s passion for reading, and at the same time help them learn to empathize and develop their imagination with the help of Little Blue Dragon’s augmented reality world.

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