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Janna Watson Borrows finds inspiration for her art in some of the most unique places. Hear about her latest gallery of her art.

‘Finding Joy’: Janna Watson Borrows Inspiration From the Wild Spirit

Finding Joy, the latest offering from Canadian Abstract Artist Janna Watson, was inspired by moments she spent with Joy, her three-year-old niece. In Finding Joy, Janna Watson encapsulates her niece’s energy, her spirit and her wildness.  

Janna Watson – abstract artist and rug designer 

Janna Watson is a Canadian abstract painter widely known for her mesmerizing abstract compositions characterized by her bold use of color and energetic brushstrokes. Janna Watson was born on October 18, 1983. She holds an Honours degree in Drawing and Painting from the Ontario College of Art and Design. Since her graduation, Janna Watson’s work has been extensively exhibited throughout Canada and internationally in more than thirty solo and collective exhibitions. 

Her art pieces were regularly circulated at international fairs including Art Toronto, CONTEXT Miami and in Seattle where a few of her pieces were featured by Artsy in its list of 10 Works to Collect at the Seattle Art Fair. Her work also featured in notable public collections such as those at Microsoft, Hudson Bay, NY, the Soho Metropolitan Hotel and the Ritz-Carlton, and in 2013, she composed an impressive 11-foot long painting for the lobby of Canada’s tallest residential building, the AURA.

Janna Waston’s exploits as a renowned abstract painter is impressive to say the least, but she is also a very accomplished rug designer, running her own rug studio, Studio Watson in Toronto. At Sudio Watson, Janna Waston works in partnership with a weaving mill in India operated by a woman, Ifrah Ansari, to produce hand-tufted floor pieces inspired by her abstract compositions.

‘Finding Joy’

As an abstract artist, Janna Watson finds inspiration for her compositions in the most unique ways. Her latest exhibition offering, ‘Finding Joy’, is currently showing at the Bau-Xi Gallery in Vancouver. Finding Joy consists of a series of Janna Watson’s latest abstract compositions, all inspired by her niece, Joy, and her innocent yet wild spirit. 

Janna Watson’s niece, Joy, was her sole inspiration behind the series Finding Joy. Hanging on Tight, one of the pieces featured in the series, encapsulated Joy’s carefree and wild spirit as she rides a toy horse while her inspiration for Everything is Spicy was taken from Joy’s experience of eating a raw garden beet for the first time. 

Janna Waston drew her inspiration from her niece’s sense of freedom, spontaneity and wildness, and her knack for always living in the moment. Janna Watson commented: “This is key to creating moments in my painting practice, my work is about constantly becoming and capturing moments of energy”. As Janna Watson watches her niece grow, she sees only the wonders of life in her eyes and smile, and the purity and simplicity of the joy she experiences in such simple moments of energy. 

Janna Waston dedicated this exhibition to moments she spent with her niece. She deconstructed the most memorable moments she spent with Joy in all her compositions, Joy’s innocence and wild spirit is present everywhere in the series, from her bright red dresses, her blonde curls and her ringing laughter. Janna Watson tapped into her niece’s wild spirit as she painted the various abstract compositions within this series. 

Janna Watson knows that when life happens, people often forget what it feels like to be free, simple and spontaneous. She said: “I was drawn to the simplicity around Joy”, she sees the freedom and spontaneity in her niece’s actions and experiences, which is exactly what she attempts to deconstruct and reconfigure in her abstract compositions. 

Joy’s fresh expressionist moments, exuding positive emotions and the wonders of life was what drew Janna Watson to her niece as an inspiration for the Finding Joy series.  

What we can expect from Janna Watson?

Janna Watson has three current projects under her belt, the most notable of the three is her latest exhibition, Finding Joy, on display at the Bau-Xi Gallery in Vancouver from the 9th-23rd of January.  

Janna Watson has also been commissioned to create a piece for ASPAC Developments in Vancouver and has also very recently completed a rug for the Drake Hotel in Toronto and another for the Hyatt Hotel which was inspired by her abstract paintings. 

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