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Looking for social media tips? Faaiza Omar provides some useful info on how to become a successful influencer.

The stylish Baker Faaiza Omar gives tips for the recipe of success of being an influencer

Faaiza Omar is a highly successful and respectable entrepreneur in the world of baking. With her experimental techniques and flavors, she has won over a huge audience and fan base online. The Stylish Baker has over 51,000 followers on Instagram and is known to be an excellent host for sophisticated tea parties around the world.

The inspirational role model runs a pastry school and online pastry supply store with her sister, where they specialize in selling patisserie tools, molds and ingredients to hotels, restaurants and keen bakers. On top of that, Faaiza won the Lancewood Cake-Off challenge in New York, with her rose, pistachio and raspberry gateau being her winning dessert. She recently has released her debut book My Sweet Life: A simple masterclass in home baking.

She’s also known to have a girly image in fashion, but can still rock it in the kitchen without  making a drop of mess. Many bakers and professional pastry chefs love to follow her master classes and learn her simplified yet exciting techniques that she teaches. 

In order to celebrate women empowerment since we admire this smart yet glamorous entrepreneur, we have asked Faaiza to share tips for the recipe of success of being an influencer.

Stay true to yourself

Faaiza advised that, “The first ingredient to the recipe of success is to stay true to yourself and know what you like. I personally love baking, fashion and travelling. That’s why I always make sure that my content promotes what I love and nothing else.” 

Faaiza started posting images of her desserts on Instagram when she attended master classes in Paris. As she continued posting images of delicious sweet treats, her follower count grew and they were curious to test out her recipes. 

Choose endorsements wisely

The Stylish Baker explained that, “You should only endorse and work with companies you truly believe in. There’s no point in selling a product that you won’t use or have any need for. Be true to yourself and don’t be shy to turn down a few companies that you don’t want to work with.”

Faaiza has a consistent theme of fashionable looks on her Instagram, but has chosen to model or feature companies that she likes to work for. This goes the same for the products she uses in the kitchen and the locations that she travels to.

Don’t be despondent, keep pushing on

Faaiza stated that, “I myself am impatient, persistent and stubborn. But that has helped motivate me in many ways in order to achieve my dreams and not to give up. We may fail at a few things in life, but we cannot allow ourselves to be despondent by it. It’s important to keep on pushing towards your goals and you will get there in the end.”

The hard working entrepreneur always has a busy schedule and puts a lot of time and effort in order to achieve the results that she wants. She also believes that having a strong mental wellbeing helps, since people can be easily motivated to look forward and achieve.

We all have good and bad days

The humble baker stated, “there’ll be good days and bad days, the end result is all that matters.” She also wants people to not be too hard on themselves, because it’s only normal to make mistakes and it should be seen as a learning curve, rather than a punishment. Faaiza stated that, “There are 365 days in a year. Don’t beat yourself up over one bad day, when you always have a fresh start the next day.”

Connect with people

Faaiza strongly believes that connecting and networking with people can also bring many opportunities. She explains that, “Building a community over a mutual interest is how you gain supporters and loyal customers. When I first started seeing followers interested in my desserts, it was heartwarming. I loved the fact that they would share my recipes with their families, test them out and even tag me in photos to see the results.”

She believes that if people want to be a good influencer, they must promote what they love, because there’s always like minded communities worldwide.

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