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Keeping your glasses clean can be tough. Here are some tips on how to use an eyeglass cleaning cloth properly.

Do’s and don’ts of using eyeglass cleaning cloth

If you have weak eyesight, then you are almost dependent on your glasses to see the world. But if you don’t keep them clean, they might cause more trouble to your eyesight. So it is obviously crucial to take care of the cleaning routine for your glasses. Also, you need to follow particular cleaning rules for the lenses because careless cleaning can lead to scratches and damage to the lenses.

Like you need to use different detergents to wash clothes and dishes; similarly, there’s a certain cleaning liquid and cloth for glasses. It would help if you only used an eyeglass cleaning cloth and not with any random cloth lying around the home. If you don’t want to end up causing scratches on the lenses, follow the basic dos and don’ts of cleaning your glasses. The following points will help you keep your glasses smudge-free and clean.

Wash your hands

Our hands come in contact with countless things and infinite amounts of germs. Do you think your hands are always clean? Even if you haven’t touched anything dirty, it is important to wash your hands before cleaning the glasses. When you touch the glasses without washing your hands, the first thing you are doing is transferring the germs from your hands to the glasses.

You might also make the cloth greasy that might result in blurred lenses. That’s why to wash your hands properly before touching your eyeglass cleaning cloth or the glasses. Make sure this handwash isn’t moisturizing; otherwise, you will leave soap residue on the glasses.

Don’t use your shirt for wiping

People have the common habit of wiping their lenses with their shirts because that’s the first thing available for cleaning. But, it is never a good idea. No doubt, wiping the glasses with your outfit is most convenient, but it may not be safe for the glasses.

The clothes you are wearing have countless dust particles and germs. Wiping the glasses with the cloth means you are rubbing the dust particles on the glasses, and it may cause scratches. For convenience, always keep a cleaning cloth by your side. Purchase an eyeglass pouch from wholesale to easily carry a cleaning cloth with you.

Wash the cloth regularly

Microfiber cleaning cloth asks for low maintenance; however, it also needs cleaning at a regular interval. It would help if you preferred to wash the eyeglass cleaning cloth once a week or two. Wash the cloth in lukewarm water with a mild detergent. It does not take much effort to wash the cloth. If you do not want to wash it often, try keeping it in a pouch to avoid dirt. 

It is important to get a quality microfiber cleaning cloth for your glasses. They are designed especially to clean sensitive surfaces like glasses. The microfibres avoid scratches from happening on the lenses, and that is why the cloth works well for your glasses. You can get an eyeglass cleaning cloth at a renowned online retail store. Make sure to get a high-quality cloth with soft fabric so that you get the best cleaning experience. 

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