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Escape Room is a coming of age horror film which has won Best Screenplay and Best Editing. The film has also been nominated for various awards.

Award-winning ‘Escape Room’ will scare you senseless

Escape Room is a coming of age horror film which has won Best Screenplay and Best Editing. The film has also been nominated for Best Film, Best Music Score, and Best Acting.

The movie follows a brilliant high school student who gets bullied and suffers from OCD. She reluctantly goes with her more popular friends to a horror themed Escape room. However, it isn’t long before the group realizes the Game Master is seeking revenge – they’re in a personalized and deadly trap.

The five teenagers in the escape room begin to turn on one another. However, in order to get out of the room alive they’ll have to join forces.

The themes of the movie are love, trust, teen drama, and the importance of friendship. The film aims to inspire audiences to pursue the idea of standing up for one another when confronted with adversities.

Escape Room is directed by Bessy Adut – a director, producer, and screenwriter who lives in Los Angeles, California. Adut have an MFA in Film Directing from CalArts, and a BA in Film & Television from Istanbul Bilgi University. Recently Adut graduated from UCLA’s professional screenwriting program while developing two feature screenplays. Bessy Adut has a passion for satirical comedy and diversity.

Adut has also written and directed the films Tolerance and Strange Little Girl which have screened at several international festivals from Los Angeles to Istanbul. In 2015 she began her own business Queen B. Film Hive. The production company works on all kinds of film and television productions. Ultimately Bessy Adut’s dream is to bring her own original screenplays to life and direct movies in LA.

About Escape Room Adut says, “We all have inner monsters to chase and traumas to deal with. The reason I chose horror as a directorial feature debut genre is because I grew up watching and loving horror films. I came a long way to make one. Flew to Los Angeles, learned film directing from the professionals, then developed my screenwriting skills.”

Adut goes on to describe what it was like making Escape Room, “It’s been a hassle to make this film happen and I am hoping everyone – cast & crew –  who put enormous time and effort [into this] will enjoy the acceptance and awards from film festivals with me as it’s a much needed motivation for all of us on our career paths and to rewake our team spirit.

“From screenwriting to fundraising, production to post production it’s been an overwhelming and exhausting experience for me as a director with limited resources. However I believe, I finally made a film that surpasses all my previous short films and will earn the recognition it deserves.”

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