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Learning a variety of writing skills is not as difficult as some think. Here you will discover how to improve writing skills in English.

The most effective ways to improve your English writing skills

A majority of individuals struggle with writing in English. Communicating well in written English has proved to be difficult for such people. Some have tried to improve by reading countless articles in vain. Hence, they have ended up giving up making further attempts. 

If you are one of them, do not worry because you are in the right place. In this article, you will discover how to sharpen writing skills and improve at writing an English essay. Learning a variety of writing skills is not as difficult as some think. Following the outlined steps will yield remarkable results. 

Master spelling

Knowing how to spell well is the first step in the journey towards improving written English. English writing entails knowing how to spell words correctly. Wrongly spelled words distort the meaning of sentences. 

An incorrectly spelled word can bring a different meaning and make it difficult for a reader to understand you. For instance, “fly” and “fry” are different words and can easily be confused. The following are some of the most confused words

  • Absence – abcense.
  • Accidentally/accidently – accidentaly.
  • Accommodate – acommodate.
  • Achieve – acheive.
  • Acknowledge – acknowlege.

Misspellings distort the meaning of sentences and confuse the reader. It makes it challenging for them to understand what you meant. Since the ultimate aim is to communicate to the reader, you must be careful to spell words correctly. 

If you have major problems in this area, practice often using flashcards. Get time to test yourself to know if you are making any progress or not. 

Expand your vocabulary

With rich vocabulary, you will be able to communicate more clearly, hence people will understand you more easily. Besides, learning new words is a fun activity that you can do all the time. The following are ways of enriching your vocabulary to learn English and other languages

  • Read other works. The more you read, the more the words you get exposed to
  • Have a dictionary. When you encounter a new word, check it out in the dictionary.
  • Learn a word each day. Make an attempt to learn a new word each day. 
  • Engage in conversations. As you talk to other words, you get to discover new words. 

However, having a rich vocabulary does not imply putting unnecessarily many difficult words in an essay. Showing off that you have a rich vocabulary will distract the reader and cause him/her to lose interest in your piece. Order a paper from an essay writing service company and notice how the writer has used vocabulary carefully. 

Find successful examples

The advancement of the Internet has made information readily available. You can get well-written samples on the internet or buy thesis paper online at Such samples can allow you to see how academic essays should be written. Essays samples from reputable essay writing companies have the following benefits

  • Well researched. You will learn what it takes to develop an appropriate academic paper. 
  • Good grammar. Looking at how the writer has developed their ideas with proper English will give you an idea of how to ensure the same in your paper.
  • A logical flow of ideas. Consider how the writer has ensured the flow of ideas in the whole essay. Examine the transitional words between the paragraph and how the writer moves from one idea to the other. 

Learn grammar and practice

On the one hand, some learners find grammar rules interesting. Such learners will spend time doing grammar exercises so that they can become better. On the contrary, there are students who hate grammar and consider it to be the most boring part of learning English. Whichever the case, students cannot escape grammar in writing. Learning grammar is critical for learners who wish to become great writers. 

Without learning grammar, you will be unable to write essays that captivate readers. Learning grammar is often accompanied by practice. Students have to practice what they are learning in grammar so that they can continuously improve their writing skills. 

Read regularly

You have to read regularly if you aim at succeeding in writing. Reading well-written essays is an effective way of becoming a great writer. Individuals who write well are also great readers. Reading will expose you to what you need to do to write appropriate pieces. As you read, pay close attention to how the author argues his/her point of view on an issue. 

Consider the construction of sentences and how the arrangements bring out the main idea. Look at the vocabulary used and how it enables readers to understand the writer. An essay writing service like can provide you with samples of previously-written papers. Use the essays as models to develop your skill as a writer. 

Concisely, English writing skills are essential to learners who wish to score higher marks. Writing skills are required since students have to submit written essays to their instructors. Some learners think of writing as boring because they lack appropriate information. Following the tips highlighted in this article will assist you to develop your skills in becoming one of the best writers. Remember, writing is a process and takes time to attain. 

Think of essay writing as a journey that has challenges on the way. There are times you may feel like giving up on improving your writing skills. However, you need to persevere since you are on the right track towards being a good writer.

Paraphrase your content

One of the most important things to consider when writing an English essay is to remove duplication which is also called plagiarism. Plagiarism is something that is not tolerated in any field. So, it is recommended to remove plagiarism and you can do it by using paraphrasing techniques.

However, if you want to save your time, you can assist with the free online paraphrasing tool. This tool is very useful and helps you to remove duplication from your writing. By using it, you can increase the uniqueness of your content and your writing will be appreciated. This tool is based on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technology, so the outcomes it produces are quite effective.

It doesn’t matter if you are making your writing unique by yourself or you are using a paraphrasing tool, our main goal is to make our writing unique and authentic.

Biography: Joel Donnelly is a senior learning specialist at He develops a strategy for creating and realizing learning initiatives for domestic and foreign students. He searches for highly educated professionals in our content department for the position of junior learning specialist. 

Joel was born at the Brookhaven town and still works there. He enjoys traveling around the world and came back from Portugal recently. Joel has 2 lovely dogs and go to the mountains with dogs every month. Joel cares about the environment and tries to take care of his town. More about Joel’s achievements you can find at social accounts: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

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