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Dogs can sometimes get in the habit of tipping their food bowl. Here are some tips on how to stop them from making a mess.

How to stop your dog from tipping the food bowl

As a dog owner, you may find it super-annoying when your furry pal keeps tipping the food bowl over after chow time’s over. Not only is the food-bowl tipping habit a nuisance to clean up, but it can also attract critters like rodents and insects to your house. 

Dog food littered all over the house does not give off the best smell either. So, if you’re a dog owner looking for ways to get your dog to stop tipping his food bowl, here are some of the best options you can try out. 

Place a mat or newspaper:

Placing a food mat or newspaper beneath the food bowl makes it easier to handle any mess that your dog makes. You can just leave the newspaper with the food on the ground and remove the food bowl so that your dog knows he only has limited food that he can’t play around with. 

Establish meal times:

Instead of spoiling your dog by leaving a food bowl out at all times, set up a feeding schedule for your doggo and stick to it. This can allow you to place the food bowl outside only when it’s time for your dog to eat. Once the time is up, you can remove the bowl. Making this a habit will let your dog know that he has limited time to enjoy the food and make it more interested in eating instead of just playing around with the food. 

Keep an eye on your dog:

If your dog is getting spoiled, there is no harm in being a little stern with him. Keep an eye on your dog every time you give him food in the food bowl. If your pup is extra-naughty and plays with its food bowl or tries to tip it, sternly tell him, “no,” and if that does not work, remove its food bowl from in front of him. This can serve as a minor punishment for the dog for tipping its bowl, and it will soon learn that it is not the right thing to do. The key to successfully pulling this off is, you should know how to train your dog. 

Change the cutlery:

If you still feel like your dog won’t stop tipping his food bowl, you can change his food bowl. There are many options in the market for tipping-proof bowls, which are made heavier at the bottom so that your dog can not tip them on purpose or accidentally. 

If you can’t find a bowl with a heavy bottom, do not try to make it heavy by putting in stones or other objects because this can be very harmful to your dog. 

You can also use a bowl holder that is slightly raised so that your dog neither tips over the bowl nor the bowl holder. This way, the bowl will stay in place no matter how hard your dog tries to tip it. 

These were just some of the things you can try to stop your dog from tipping his food bowl. However, always make sure to feed your dog on time and do not keep your doggo away from its food for long because that can be dangerous health-wise and can lead to your pet developing destructive habits. periods. It is also essential to place a water container for them throughout the day so your pet stays hydrated. You can use tipping-proof bowls for water, and make sure to change the water every four to five hours. 

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