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Dicle Oszer's new film 'Big Break' starring Brianna Ripkowski is about taking a change to move to LA to follow your dreams.

Everything to know about Dicle Ozcer and her movie ‘Big Break’

Moving to LA is a big jump to get you in the spotlight and make a name for yourself, but of course, it takes a lot to get past just that step. Heck, even if you do get cast in a project, that doesn’t mean something will come up that gets you or the entire project canned. Director Dicle Ozcer is no stranger to the process.

So when she was writing her next short film, she knew she wanted to get some laughs out of everyone who knows that struggle of rejection after rejection. Thus, Big Break was born. Also directed by Ozcer, the film takes a comedic approach to the battle to make a name for yourself in Hollywood.

Desperate and willing to do everything

Deena (Brianna Ripkowski) thinks she finally is going to become a star when she gets a small role in a Clooney led picture. But when her scene gets cut due to “controversy”, she’s not ready for the rejection. In fact, she’s willing to go to extreme lengths to finally get the spotlight on her. 

Ozcer knew she wanted to shine a light on the constant rejection up and coming actresses have to face. She noted, “People tell you that it’s a cut-throat business and it’s really hard, but they don’t do it justice. Dealing with rejection day after day, trying to stay motivated for your craft and keeping your head up high when you work multiple jobs is difficult.”

Getting her chance

Even as a filmmaker, Ozcer fought to get to where she was. Originally from Turkey, Ozcer moved to LA and got her BFA in acting at the AMDA College and Conservatory of Performing Arts in 2016. While she worked as an actress, Ozcer got a hankering to write, and wrote up her first play, The Jump.

Picked by the Santa Monica Theater, Ozcer was able to direct the play and even got a second run after the huge success of The Jump’s first run. She stuck with directing, putting on several other productions including a performance of Romeo & Juliet.

Attending the New York Film Academy to learn the ins and outs of direction, Ozcer shifted towards short filmmaking instead of play direction. Creating four short films prior to Big Break, the praise around her latest comedy has been like no other.

Still running strong

Between showings at the Florence Film Awards, the Independent Short Awards, the Portland Comedy Film Festival, and many more, Big Break has been snatching up awards like no other. From Best Comedy to Best Director, the praise for Ozcer has been non-stop.

Even outside audiences are reaching out to Ozcer. Recently, the director spoke at Newport Harbor High School for the TV & Film Production program about the film as well as host a screening, and Ozcer was also interviewed by Film Festival Report about her experiences.

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