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Literacy Narrative

Growing up in my family, it was rough. I grew up poor with teenage parents; I was always interested in the magic of books. To me, it was like traveling into a new world with new friends. Since there was nothing really to do in my city, the only free thing we could do was go to the library. I could not wait to get my hands on all the books at the library. I had a very high reading level at a very young age. I remember one night my teenage parents were arguing about what family I should stay with; my mom’s side or my dad’s side of the family. I was six years old; I didn’t care where I went as long as I had my books. I went to the tiny pile of books I had underneath the bed and read to drown out all the noise, and it worked.

Listening to my elementary school teachers, I was fascinated by how they could easily bring the pictures to life. In Kindergarten, my teacher Mrs. Moise read four books on the first day of school and I remember that was when I fell in love with books. At first, I couldn’t find books fast enough and my relationship with words has been a powerful, and even sometimes a challenging journey. Although I had won many awards for creative writing in elementary school, I was never interested in writing essays. When we did read a read-a-loud in class, I was excited because I shone; I was a confident reader and that impressed my teachers. When I was in second grade, it was crazy because all my classmates hated to read aloud. I don’t know if I did it for recognition because I never got any positive attention growing up or because it filled my little being with hope.  (For a similar paper; Hire Professional Essay Writers)

Reflecting on this class, I realize that my writing skills have significantly improved since I enrolled for this course and wrote the Profile Essay. I lacked self-confidence when it came time to essay writing, but I was so grateful that we had two weeks to turn in the final draft of the profile essay because it gave me time to revise my paper. Out of all the pieces we did, I feel like I learned the most from the Profile Essay. It was a very emotional writing experience since I interviewed my sister Daisy concerning her struggle with alopecia. It was challenging because I wanted to do her story justice and have a well-written essay. I have made many improvements as a writer. The work I have done these last eight weeks showed me that I have significantly progressed this semester. I revised several things in my essays and often took me twice then duration to write and edit. However, towards the end of the term, writing, though not my second nature, has become more straightforward, and my overall writing abilities have advanced as well.

There are several lessons I have acquired this semester. For instance, I have known the danger of overthinking when writing my papers and the significance of not perfecting them until the end. As a result, writing has become easy. It contains both my mistakes and my most beautiful works, and through this work here, I can identify my weakness and common errors I often make when writing. These mistakes include overgeneralizing matters and writing things before fully understanding them myself. However, there are several things I learned that improve me as a writer. Contrary to my thoughts when the quarter began, I now write better by making general outlines and drafting the essay to avoid unnecessary corrections when I write the final copy.   (Order for Assignment Help)

When I joined college, I never envisioned English113 as part of my basic course that I would endorse. That is because in high school, it was never my favorite despite having a passion for creative writing. When I started this course, I thought I understood the basics of essay writing but not comprehensively. For instance, I knew that an essay contains an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.  I knew that each section should have a thesis and supporting details written in paragraph form. When we were assigned the memoir essay, and we had to include vivid describing details, I turned in my paper to tutoring, and they just mentioned to me that it sounded like I was overdoing it. I had to edit my page several times because I am always second-guessing myself when it comes to my writing. My writing problem is that I try to write down everything I am thinking without considering the organization and natural flow of the essay. Professor Flores helped me understand how to take me time and not make me sentences or entire piece sounds so choppy.

Back in middle and elementary school, I never knew that a paragraph required a maximum of eight sentences while an essay could not exceed one thousand words. At the primary level, I learned that an article had a word count limit of five hundred words while the number of sentences in a paragraph did not matter. Additionally, back then, teachers or their assistants reviewed essays while students made a little contribution to this task. All learners did was read the feedback and remarks made by teachers and correcting the identified mistakes. However, in college, we consider our peers’ reviews of our essays and provide their observations without disagreeing or agreeing without essay contents. That helps students correct their mistakes and improve their articles by avoiding these errors in future works. The peer reviews enhance our essays and make relevant corrections identified by instructors on every task.

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