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Digital creatives are the future of the filmmaking industry. See what Bennet Schwartz has to say about current digital trends.

Bennet Schwartz Sydney director shares why digital creatives should stay on top of current changes

The role of the creative director is one Bennet Schwartz has made his own over the last two decades. The latest digital trends are vital to the success of Bennet Schwartz Sydney creative director as he tries to keep his clients at the top of their respective industries. 

The Digital Creative Institute explains the role of the creative director is one that needs constant update and education to continue to achieve your best. The constant renewal of skills and experience are aspects of the role of the creative that can be difficult yet rewarding.

Why should you stay on top of design trends?

This is a question each creative needs to ask, no matter where they are in their career. The main reason why you should be looking to expand on your skills with the latest trends includes keeping yourself moving into new areas of interest for your career. 

When you present your portfolio of work to a potential client, you want to show you have a wide range of skills and experience, including the latest trends in the digital sector. If your career does not show a wide range of different ideas and skills, obtaining new clients can be tough.

Don’t stop your education

Education is key to furthering your career as a creative in the digital sector. Platt College reports the best creatives never stop learning throughout their career. education should play a part in your life and be enjoyed when you are hoping to build a long-lasting career. 

You should remember the skills you learned as a student will be outdated at some point and need replacing with new qualifications. The digital sector is a difficult one to remain current in, but learning new skills allows you to learn about the latest trends in your chosen sector. Bennet Schwartz Sydney creative has taken a long-term approach to learn throughout his career that has helped him build a powerful career.

Reading is fun

How do you learn about the latest trends in graphic design and digital creativity? The best way to do so is to make sure you are consistently reading up to date books, magazines, blogs, and websites. Blogs and design magazines are key to learning about the latest trends in the creative sector because they allow you to learn what some of the most popular design companies are bringing to the table. 

If you are looking to stay current in the type of technology you are using or the trends in design styles, you can look to blogs written by your fellow creatives to inspire you to produce different work for your clients.

Keeping your creative juices flowing

It is easy to get stuck in a creative rut by never leaving your office or studio. it is easy to get so caught up in your career that you do not look at what young designers are doing with their time and efforts. A good idea is to head out into your local community to craft fairs and art galleries. 

Young designers are usually at the cutting edge of design and can offer you inspiration for your work. Bennet Schwartz has found new creative freedom from his move to Australia that has allowed him to experience a different culture from his own Texan history.

Talk to your fellow designers 

There are many ways you can expand your knowledge of the latest trends in the design industry, including talking to your coworkers. Your fellow designers will explore different parts of the design sector than you explore, but you can feed creatively off each other by discussing your latest influences and ideas.

Practice is important

How do you explore your creative ideas outside your work role? If you do not look at anything creative outside your time at work, you can find your creative flow is stifled. Spending some time exploring the many options open to you to work creatively in your private life can help you become more creative in your design work. 

Sketching, painting, or crafting can be a powerful tool for you to explore the latest trends in the digital and linear sectors. The more practice you undertake in your sector, the more you will learn about different trends and options for staying creative.

Get out of your comfort zone

Drive in a different lane or think outside the box. Whatever you want to call it, your safe zone can be a creative sticking point for your role as a digital creative. Taking some risks in your career can change the way you address your work in the future and how creative you become in your work.

Keep on working

Even if you are struggling to reach your career goals, you can carry on working to increase your creativity. By looking to be creative when you are not working on projects for a client, you can explore the latest trends and perfect your ideas for the future.

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