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AvailableApp may look like any old hiring app, but it's here to change any pro filmmaker's life. Here's why you need to sign up immediately.

AvailableApp is the site every pro filmmaker needs to know

Let’s be honest: the filmmaking industry truly is full of nepotistic hiring. If you don’t have friends in the industry, it’s twenty times harder for you to find a job. What if you could start your pro filmmaker career off on the right foot though, no nepotism required? AvailableApp is trying to change the hiring game in Hollywood. 

AvailableApp may look like any old hiring app, but it's here to change any pro filmmaker's life. Here's why you need to sign up immediately.

A network of applicants at your fingertips

It’s no secret the turnaround time on productions is quite short, forcing studios and producers to have an abbreviated hiring process. AvailableApp is trying to make it easier for creators to find new talent by having a curated list of people available at the touch of a button. 

Anyone from costume designers to cinematographers would be able to join the ranks of AvailableApp’s database. On traditional job platforms, you would have a posting sit unanswered for weeks on end. With AvailableApp, they would not only connect people looking for work with new jobs, but hiring managers with said people. 

It’s a system that allows for a natural sense of community. People can reach out to one another, and once a job comes along, hiring managers already have the perfect person in mind and can just send an offer over.

AvailableApp may look like any old hiring app, but it's here to change any pro filmmaker's life. Here's why you need to sign up immediately.

Building community

That’s right, AvailableApp isn’t just another job platform designed for professionals in the film industry. It’s meant to be a community for pro filmmakers left and right. You can interact with your fellow filmmakers and make meaningful connections. See a job you know your friend would be perfect for? Tag then and send their name to the hiring manager!

Using a similar system to Linkedin, the six degrees of separation format means anyone and everyone can connect with each other. Plus, you can endorse your friends so people see they have your stamp of approval. In this day and age, where socializing with new people is nearly impossible, AvailableApp is making it even easier to expand your professional circle. 

Getting POC in the industry

Through these small quality of life changes, AvailableApp makes the hiring process much more friendlier to women and POC. Before, if hiring managers only knew straight white men, it’s natural they would only hire straight white men for jobs. Now, AvailableApp means people have the ability to speak up for their POC friends. 

By using a referral system, people can tag their female and POC friends in job postings and endorse them for jobs, making them look desirable to hiring managers. AvailableApp is looking to expand the pool of applicants so Hollywood will naturally diversify behind the scenes. 

The best part is, there’s very little work needed on part of the hiring manager. All they have to do is put their job posting into the world, and AvailableApp will do the rest. By using the database to find the best pro filmmaker candidates, AvailableApp will naturally find candidates of all genders and races, giving the hiring manager more options. 

Change: one project at a time

While AvailableApp knows its system won’t change the film industry overnight, it hopes it will offer POC and women more roles behind the scenes. Through the Black Lives Matter movement, it’s clear how important representation and opportunity can be to those marginalized by society. 

AvailableApp is just one small piece in the puzzle, but if used by the right people, it could easily break the film industry as we know it. AvailableApp makes it stupidly easy from small indie films to big budget productions to fill out their team. 

You can get the app now from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and sign up today. If you’re a pro filmmaker, you need to sign up with AvailableApp now. 

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