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Ryan Alan Petti believes 'An American Childhood' is the most important story he has told so far. Here's why it's a must-see film.

‘An American Childhood’ directed by Ryan Alan Petti: A must-see film

Ryan Alan Petti is an award-winning director, writer, editor, and photographer. He is devoted to creating quality films and has an uncompromising dedication to making films with powerful emotions and thought provoking subjects which in order to affect viewers.

Right now, Petti believes An American Childhood is the most important story he has told so far.

An American Childhood focuses on Collin, a nine year-old-boy. Collin is leading a perfectly typical childhood until one of his family members becomes the victim of an increasingly common act of violence. Collin’s life is then changed forever. The family, now facing racial divide, must show their strength.

This story is intended to add to the national dialogue about racial profiling and discrimination.

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