Festival season is upon us. For every triumph and award, there are thousands of film industry hopefuls who just didn’t make the cut. While work after a rejection can feel like an uphill struggle, pushing forward in the face of

We here at Film Daily were more than happy to have director Marc Meyers take time out of his busy schedule to chat to us about his latest film My Friend Dahmer. In our review, we found it to be

Writing a movie is hard, pitching a movie is hard, financing a movie is hard, and making a movie is hard. After you wrap your production, you might think all your hard work is over – but it ain’t. Get

“Writer’s block is a myth!” . . . said no writer ever. Sometimes, for no reason at all, your creativity just goes on strike. Trying to write feels like squeezing your brain out through your eyeballs, or attempting to make

As an aspiring screenwriter, winning an award for your work is a major step up, showing the world you’re not just another wannabe. Now and again, a win can lead to your script being picked up for production. But more

What are some of the most well-loved characters in cinematic history? On any list, you can be sure to find one created by story powerhouse Pixar. Unless you’re a psychopath or made of stone, it’s impossible to watch a Pixar