The profile of Canadian film festivals has never been higher, standing alongside some of the most prestigious events worldwide.

You may have noticed that in the past five or even ten years, there’s been a conspicuous explosion of interest in documentary filmmaking. Once considered to be a more niche cinematic artform, documentaries are now one of the most in-demand forms

It’s a tough world out there for a screenwriter. The competition is fierce and the industry is cutthroat. As such, screenplay writing competitions have become a great way for emerging and established talent to penetrate those dense studio walls, helping

Sit back and get your talented ass educated on how short films – _not_ features – launched the careers of everyone in the biz.

Finish Line’s groundbreaking Script Competition gives writers a chance to cultivate an exciting new career, not just win a few hundred bucks.

I set myself the challenge to use TSL 360 every day for 5 days to kickstart my screenwriting ambitions. What a week it turned out to be.