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The Nissan X-Trail is one of the finest cars currently on the market. Find out what makes it so special here.

Find out what makes the Nissan X-Trail an essential car

Nissan car lovers have been salivating over the news that the 2021 Nissan X-Trail midsize SUV will be receiving an update later in 2022. Although the majority of the updates will be enjoyed by Nissan drivers in Australia, there are several intriguing features that drivers in Indonesia are set to enjoy in equal measure. 

Let’s take a deeper look into what the Indonesian version of the new X-Trail has to offer in comparison to the Australian version.

Pros and cons

According to early reviews from Autofun, the good far outweighs the bad when it comes to the new 2021 Nissan X-Trail. It’s sleek new design makes for a much more attractive car overall, when the industry standard for midsize SUVs border on clunky and portly. The headlights play a considerable role in this new facelift. Equipped with brighter daytime running lights, the X-Trail has been outfitted with LEDs for maximum illumination.

Beyond the obvious luxury updates differentiating the two versions from each other, both versions suffer from the same drawbacks of narrow third row seats and expensive maintenance fees once all costs are added up. On top of low gas mileage, the Nissan X-Trail clearly offers a luxurious experience, but that luxury clearly comes at a cost. 

Luckily, the amount of luxury offered in both the Australian and Indonesian versions of the X-Trail more than makes up for its shortcomings, according to Autofun.

Australian X-Trail

The interior of the X-Trail has been given a plethora of luxurious updates, making the X-Trail the latest car in the Nissan fleet to offer Apple Carplay and Android Auto integration as a new standard. 

Nissan Australia’s local managing director Stephen Lester believes that the updates of the X-Trail is a sign of things to come. “The addition of new cab technology and advanced safety equipment further enhances the popular X-Trail, and demonstrates the evolution of a vehicle that has played such an important role in the lives of many Australians.”

Australian specifics

The Australian version of the Nissan X-Trail 2021 comes in four variants, specifically the X-Trail ST, ST-L, Ti, and TS. The price fluctuates between models, ranging from AU$ 28,490 or around $20,266 USD. The highest priced variant goes for around AU$ 44,790 or around $32,000 USD. Beyond the price, the X-Trail comes with three different engines, ranging from 2.0L and 2.5L gasoline engines and 2.0L turbo diesel versions.

Autofun was able to glean several details about the performance of all three engines. “The 2.0L petrol engine is capable of producing 144 PS and 200 Nm, offered with front-wheel drive and a 6-speed manual transmission. The larger 2.5L engine delivers 171 PS and 226 Nm, linked to both front and all-wheel drive via an automatic CVT transmission.”

Indonesian specifics

While its facelifts are as recent as 2019, Autofun reports the current version of the X-Trail marketed in Indonesia is the third-generation 2017 variant. “Unfortunately, there are not many choices available. The reason is that Nissan only maintains one X-Trail variant for the domestic market, namely the Nissan X-Trail VL.”

Luckily, there are several safety features that keep the X-Trail at the forefront of SUV car safety technology. The 2021 version offers systems such as Blind Spot Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Forward Emergency Braking, and Forward Collision Warning. In addition to these services, Nissan’s Active Trace Control will improve handling and stability when driving.

As a whole, Autofun considers the X-Trail a more than worthy contender for affordable luxury-class midsize SUVs. “With the price of the Nissan X-Trail VL starting at IDR 550 million, this car can be the cheapest option in its class. The current 2021 X-Trail delivers impressive value for money and a powerful engine for driving in a variety of road conditions.”


Nissan lovers! What other versions of Nissan would you like to see updated in your own country? Let us know in the comments!

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