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Catch the F1 Bahrain Grand Prix of 2022 live stream for free. Watch your favorite speedster put the pedal to the medal and see who comes out on top!

F1 Race! Bahrain GP live stream free from anywhere

The 2022 Formula 1 season is set to begin on Sunday, March 20 after a long break. The Bahrain Grandprix free practice match will begin on Friday and the qualifying race on Saturday. The final race will begin at 4.00 PM CET for 57 laps of the 5.412 km at Bahrain International Circuit on Sunday. 

If you want to watch the F1 race live stream free from anywhere with your device like android/Apple TV, smartphone, laptops, game consoles, or any device then you are right here on this page. Using a good VPN and changing your location you can stream Bahrain GP live free race risk-free with security.

Watch: Bahrain GP Live Stream Risk-Free

bahrain race stream free

You can also find the broadcast information, with details of how and where you can watch the race on TV and The 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix live how to stream your mobile device or big screen from anywhere on the earth.

bahrain race stream free

How to watch Bahrain GP live, Date, Time, Location

Date: Sunday, March 20 

Race Time: 4:00 p.m(CET) 11:00 a.m. ET

Laps: 57 laps 

Venue: Bahrain International Circuit, Bahrain.

TV: Sky Sports, F1 TV, DAZN, RTBF 

Live Stream: Watch anywhere with ExpressVPN

bahrain race stream free

How to watch Bahrain GP Live stream free online

The Austrian service ‘ORF’ will offer a free stream race with German commentary, while Belgium’s RTBF carries the races with French commentary. To watch Formula 1 for free on RTBF and ORF risk-free with buffer-free from your location. 

You need to get ExpressVPN and connect to a server location in Austria (ORF) or Belgium (RTBF). Now visit your preferred site (ORF or RTBF). Tune in to the races live!

bahrain race stream free

Enjoy live stream the official F1 TV Pro stream

The official F1 TV Pro stream provides access to every single race live, but the price varies depending on your location. To watch from anywhere and buffer-free, connect ExpressVPN to a server location where F1 TV Pro is available. Head to the F1 site and tune in to the races!

Want to watch it on the big screen with ExpressVPN

bahrain race stream free

How to watch 2022 Bahrain GP live on ESPN 2 without cable

Whether you have a U.S. cable subscription or have cut the cord, ABC, ESPN, and ESPN 2 are a good way to tune into the races live. ESPN Deportes available as an add-on for Sling or Hulu will provide a Spanish simulcast of select races. Check the official ESPN schedule for dates and times. Free trials are available on YouTube TV, Sling TV, and Hulu.

Most F1 races will air on ESPN 2. Monaco and Britain GP will be broadcast live on the main ESPN channel, and Canada, U.S., and Mexico GP races (as well as the afternoon encore of Monaco GP) will be broadcast on ABC. 

To watch the F1 on ESPN from anywhere you need to get ExpressVPN and connect to a server located in the U.S. Go to Sling TV Orange (10 USD/month and up), Hulu+Live TV (65 USD/month), or YouTube TV (55 USD/month and up) and use a free trial. Kick back and enjoy!

bahrain race stream free

Watch Bahrain Gp on Sky Sports F1

Sky Sports will show Formula 1 in 2021 on the Sky Sports F1 channel in the UK. Check the official Sky Sports schedule to know when to tune in. However, specialized equipment is required to watch the TV broadcasts. You will also need to provide a valid postal code and a UK/Ireland credit or debit card.

If you already have a Sky subscription, you can stream its content online via Sky Go. With a VPN, you can watch Sky Go even when you’re traveling abroad. To watch the F1 on Sky Sports from your location you need to get ExpressVPN and connect to a server located in the UK. Head to Sky Go and log in. Enjoy the races!

bahrain race stream free

Watch 2022 F1 highlights for free 

Both the Formula 1 Official YouTube Channel and Channel 4 UK will show highlights from all the races. To watch F1 highlights on Channel 4 and YouTube, get ExpressVPN and connect to a server located in the UK. Visit the Formula 1 YouTube channel or Channel 4. Get your motor running!

bahrain race stream free

Listen to F1 Grand Prix commentary live on BBC Sounds free

BBC Sounds provides live audio commentary of the Formula 1 Grand Prix races. To listen with added security and privacy, you need to get ExpressVPN and connect to a server location that’s nearest to you. Go to BBC Sounds. Enjoy the live commentary!

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