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Effuel is a product that is meant to save car fuel. Check out our reviews to determine if Effuel really works.

Effuel Reviews (2021) – Scam or Does Effuel Really Save Fuel?

Every car driver out there on the street has always the following questions in their mind; is my car burning fuel efficiently and am I getting more than a decent average per mile?

Fuel is expensive and not every day we get a situation where fuel prices reduce overnight like they did last year. So how do we manage our car drive? Some basic principles of driving enhance your fuel efficiency but this article is not about that. In this article, we explore a surprisingly new gadget in the market that claims to increase your car’s fuel efficiency by up to 35%. 

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Effuel Review

Effuel was introduced in the market by the company Effuel that claims to provide a plug and drive solution for not only monitoring your fuel consumption but also improving it. The question that we were eager to get answered was about the functionality of the device. How can a small pocket-size device improve the performance of a car and enable higher fuel efficiency while being away from the engine and fuel tank? 

Luckily the answer wasn’t too difficult and we were impressed with how far our cars have come in terms of reliability and technology.

How Does It Work?

To answer this question, we first have to understand what major component in our cars is responsible for properly communicating with Effuel.

Our cars come with an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) preinstalled which is responsible for managing and controlling the electrical components of our cars. ECU controls everything from power windows to central locking mechanisms. Various active sensors constantly communicate with the ECU which assists them in making a decision as per the received data and comparing it with the preinstalled optimum values. There can be either one main ECU or multiples ECUs for various standalone functions.

Now that we know what an ECU is, let’s get back to the Effuel chip designed to improve fuel efficiency. 

Effuel needs data to understand the driving behavior of the person behind the wheel. The first 150 miles are you driving the car while Effuel logs the driving data and tries to create a driving pattern. With the required data now in place, Effuel starts working by controlling fuel usage while you drive. 

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Why Effuel?

There can be compelling arguments that getting your car tuned by a mechanic would be a better option which is true to some extent however the downsides to this used approach outweigh the pros. 

Getting your car tuned for fuel efficiency is called Remapping which is a physical process. It is expensive and permanent, which means you can’t get the best price for your car when you try to sell it.

Contrary to physically Remapping your car, the Effuel chip is just like plug and play. Once you remove the chip, the ECU of the car resets to its previous setting without ever remembering anything about the extra chip you installed.


While writing this article, I kept wondering how small this device is and if someone realistically achieves 35% efficiency, how amazing would that be. The amount of money an individual would save could be invested in so many other options. 

  • Saves Money: This has to be the most obvious advantage that anyone can get. No ifs and buts. With fuel prices rocketing every day, everyone is concerned about the amount they are spending on fuel alone.
  • Environment Friendly: The lesser fuel you consume, the more advantageous it is for the environment. With every drop of fuel that is burned in the engine, there are harmful gases produced such as CO2 and sometimes CO (Carbon Monoxide) that have devastating effects on your climate.
  • Easy To Install: Installing this teeny tiny device is relatively simple and straightforward and you don’t even have to be a car person to do so. Just simply plugging it onto one of the free ECU terminals can get the job done.
  • Not Expensive: It’s small and budget-friendly. It costs only $39.98.
  • Data Logger: It logs your data, takes action accordingly, and improves performance. Doesn’t require hundreds of bucks to get a professional quotation while they plug in their own devices in the ECU and quote you costly upgrades.

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It is available in limited quantities and cannot be purchased off the shelf. Your orders have to go through their online-only store. This might cause an inconvenience for people who have trouble believing in online stores or doing online shopping due to ever-growing cybercrimes and online scams.

Effuel Pricing and Shipping:

Since the product is available online, the prices are pretty straightforward and offer various discounts. As of writing this article, Effuel offers the following three promotional packages:

  • Buy 1 for- $39.98 + S&H
  • Buy 1 and get a 50% discount on the other one with free shipping- $59.97
  • Buy 2 and get 1 free for $79.96 only

While the company is willing to bet that their service is unmatchable, they also offer a 30 days money-back guarantee in case there is an unsatisfied customer.

Conclusion on Effuel Review:

With this pocket-sized chip, users can now have something that isn’t expensive while saving them from future expenses. The lesser fuel you burn, the better it gets for everyone and you play your part in a better healthy environment.

Effuel Chip sounds too good to be true but the device is out there in the market for anyone to try and get the results. If it promises what it does in long term, there is no question about whether this should be recommended or not. However, the person installing it must be aware of the ECU and the risks associated with it. Any mishap or wrong installation can cause serious damage to your car as well as to ECU. Users installing this chip should install it at their own risk and should be aware of the functionality of their car. Visit Official Effuel Website Here

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