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Bullets of Justice first appeared on our radar in February. An independent television series made by a group of friends, the project successfully managed to round up more

Emmy-winning comedy Silicon Valley is set to return to our screens very soon. The action picks up where it left off, with the Pied Piper team working on

Earlier this year, ITV and Hulu hopped in bed together to produce the bawdy new period drama Harlots. We can’t help but see parallels between it and a

Making a great television show requires consistency, and consistency is hard. Not every show has a visionary at the helm to ensure quality down to the last detail

Despite being billed as a romantic comedy, Love is about as far from a frothy romance as you can get. The deeply dark, painfully authentic comedy is back

Super Bowl LI commenced on Sunday with President Donald Trump’s Muslim travel ban looming large over the proceedings. Audiences across the nation tuned in and wondered what to