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Calling new writers – one week left to enter the Film Daily competition! If you’re a fledgling screenwriter, you’ll know gaining exposure is the biggest hurdle you face. That’s

As an aspiring screenwriter, winning an award for your work is a major step up, showing the world you’re not just another wannabe. Now and again, a win

What are some of the most well-loved characters in cinematic history? On any list, you can be sure to find one created by story powerhouse Pixar. Unless you’re

When I worked in film and drama development, I was an executioner for a big studio. Writers typed up treatments and sent in their precious babies for my

FADE OUT. You’ve just typed these two magical words at the end of your screenplay weeks, months, even years after starting. Your first draft is ready but, as all

At the core of every community the world over is the desire to speak and learn from each other. We don’t know if ancient Egyptians got writer’s block,

Want to learn the secret of supercharging your screenplay and gaining a huge competitive advantage? We introduce to you the magic of the table read. So you’ve got your

Are you constantly stressed, juggling a million projects? Can you never find enough hours in the day to get everything done? Do you marvel when your friends show you their

In our regular Spotlight roundups, we talk to the people behind film competitions and festivals. This week, we spoke to Mark Stasenko from WeScreenplay about their Diverse Voices Competition