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Logline: Lily Collins (Okja) and her epic eyebrows suffer from poor little white girl syndrome while battling anorexia. Verdict: This movie of the week has most of the hallmarks of

Logline: Bored psychologist (Naomi Watts) has terminal case of poor little rich white girl syndrome as she begins to blur the ethical line by getting involved in her

Remember when summer meant journeying outside your front door, enjoying warm weather, and stuffing your face at BBQs? Nowadays we eschew the mosquito- and sunburn-strewn outside stuff to

Netflix has debuted the first trailer for Bryan Fogel’s Icarus, set to be released exclusively on the streaming platform this August. Icarus follows Fogel (Jewtopia), an amateur bike racer,

GLOW, Jenji Kohan’s radiant new Netflix Originals show, proves everything she touches turns to gold. Tracing a fictionalized version of the inner workings of famed television franchise Gorgeous Ladies