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The Emmys have once again come and gone. But this year’s event wasn’t without its fair share of surprises – and even a few record-setters. The Handmaid’s Tale scooped

More leaks of HBO data occurred on Sunday, including the latest episode of Issa Rae’s Insecure and episodes from the upcoming season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, not set

Comic-Con 2017 Round-up Clowns, cowboys and . . . chow mein? Stephen King’s It Terrifying new clip shows evil villain Pennywise waving a dismembered child’s arm as he advances on his next

Cleverman In a dystopian near future, creatures from ancient mythology are forced to live with humans in a world that seeks to harm them. The battle for survival returns

Making a great television show requires consistency, and consistency is hard. Not every show has a visionary at the helm to ensure quality down to the last detail